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गुरुकुल: आपके बच्चों के रहने और सीखने के लिए सबसे सुरक्षित और सर्वोत्तम स्थान है।
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Welcome to Gurukul Hostel:A Home Away from Home for Students

Gurukul Hostel is a premier residential heaven for students who are looking for hostel accommodation in Patna. At Gurukul Hostel, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by students seeking a safe and welcoming place to call home during their academic journey. As a dedicated student hostel, our mission is to provide a comfortable and affordable living environment that fosters personal growth, academic success, and lifelong friendships.

We believe that the hostel experience should extend beyond the walls of a dorm room. Gurukul Hostel is committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive community where students can thrive both academically and socially. Our dedicated staff is here to support and guide you throughout your stay, offering a range of services and resources to enhance your student life.

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What MakesGurukul Hostel the Ideal Hostel in Patna?

Parents think a lot and consider many factors before putting their kids in a hostel. They understand the importance of finding the right environment that fosters their child's growth, education, and overall well-being. When it comes to choosing a hostel in Patna, the Gurukul Hostel stands out as an ideal option for students for a multitude of reasons.

  • It is located in a safe and convenient area
  • Close to all the major educational institutions
  • Comfortable rooms and clean bathrooms
  • Mess that serves delicious and healthy food
  • A common room where students can relax and socialize
  • Monitored by security cameras 24 hours a day
  • Friendly and helpful staff

Exceptional Facilities & Amenities

Gurukul Hostel is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Spacious, Clean &
Well-furnished Rooms
Laundry Room &
Common Areas
Mess That Serves Hygienic & Delicious Food
Fast Wi-Fi
Internet Access
Security Guards
Control Systems

Convenient Location:Close to Your Campus and Essential Amenities

Gurukul Hostel boasts a prime location, strategically situated near prominent educational institutions and essential amenities. You'll enjoy easy access to public transportation, shops, restaurants, and recreational facilities, allowing you to balance your studies with a vibrant social life. With its strategic positioning, Gurukul truly serves as an ideal platform for students to realize their full potential and embark on a successful academic journey.

Rooms Available at Gurukul Hostel

Gurukul Hostel is the perfect abode for students! Our spacious and comfortable rooms provide a conducive environment for focused learning. Our rooms are all clean and comfortable, and they come with all the amenities you need to succeed in your studies. We also have a variety of shared spaces, such as a library, a study hall, and a common room, where you can relax and socialize with your fellow students.

  • Clean and hygienic rooms
  • Bed with mattress, pillow and bedsheet
  • Almirah and bookshelf
  • Fan and tubelight
  • Room attached bathroom
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Secure Your Spot in Gurukul

Are you ready to experience the benefits of living in a student-centric hostel? Apply now and secure your spot in Gurukul Hostel. Immerse yourself in a supportive community of like-minded individuals and create memories that will last a lifetime. We look forward to welcoming you to your home away from home.

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